Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Written by Cameron Odom

Feb 15, 2021

When purchasing a home, we typically come up with a check-list of everything we want and need. But as many homeowners know, we sacrifice several “wants” to get a home that meets all of our needs. A lot of the time, the first “want” people forfeit is home size. Nevertheless, your home doesn’t have to feel small! Here are a few tips to help you make your small space feel bigger:

Floating Shelves

Kitchen cabinets are a staple in every home. While we want as much cabinet space as possible, cabinets tend to make your kitchen feel cramped and closed in. A way to ensure you have room for your items while also enjoying an open space is hanging floating shelves. Floating shelves can hold your favorite kitchenware while also provide personalized decor to your living space.

We recommend installing floating shelves where hard-to-reach cabinets were. Instead of crawling on your counter to reach your favorite mixing bowl in the back of the cabinet, it’ll now be on display and easy to access on your floating shelf!

Floating Shelves
Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

If you’re in a home that doesn’t have many windows or natural light, the easiest way to accomplish that same feeling is to add a mirror. Mirrors add depth to space and make rooms appear larger than they are. That’s why you see people hanging mirrors at their entry-way – which is typically a smaller space. If you want to make your bedroom feel more spacious, add mirrors opposite from one another. It creates that illusion of depth, which is what you wish to achieve!

Forget Bulky Furniture

I know from personal experience that it can be tempting to add as much seating as possible in your home, whether you have room for it or not. When I was in college, my roommates and I believed a mansion-sized sectional was the best decorative decision for our tiny home. In reality, it caused the space to feel even more cramped than it was. Instead of making the same mistake I did, buy separate pieces of furniture. The best combination to create your open concept fantasy is a couch with two chairs! This option gives you enough space to host an event on Saturday night and binge-watch your favorite shows on Sunday morning.

Forget Bulky Furniture

Even if you live in a smaller space, make the most of what you have! Sell your bulky furniture on Facebook Marketplace, add a few mirrors, and hang floating shelves to achieve the feeling of a bigger home. A little goes a long way!

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