How to get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Written by Cameron Odom

Oct 28, 2020
Father and Son

Pre-Approved = Preferred Buyer

When shopping for a new home, the first step a borrower can take is to get “pre-approved” for a mortgage. Sellers will prefer your offer for their home over other buyers if you have the stamp of pre-approval for your mortgage loan since you have finances to back your purchase. At Rosegate Mortgage, we make this process as seamless as possible for the borrower, and allow them to shop for the house of their choice with a peace of mind and an appropriate budget in mind. 

Essentially, all you’ll need to do is complete the brief online application and choose the rate that best suits you. Once Rosegate receives the application, we will review the content and contact you to discuss the different rate options to help secure the best possible rate for your financial and personal goals in order to make the final selection. In the meantime, we will submit your information to our AUS (automated underwriting system) to ensure all the financial information that was provided in the application is aligned — confirming the information provided in the application is consistent with the actual financial standing of the borrower.

Once this process is complete, the borrower will receive their “pre-qualification” letter that will ensure sellers that you are indeed pre-approved to make an offer on a home and are in the financial standing to proceed. 

Get Prequalified in Minutes

Become prequalified faster than it takes to brew your morning joe.

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