How Realtors Can Build a Successful Marketing Plan

Written by abigail

Apr 26, 2021
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We’ve talked about some strategies to get your name out there as a realtor, but before you do, it’s necessary to have a framework of who you are as a brand and what you want to accomplish. In short, you need a marketing plan to help direct your energy and focus as you introduce yourself to clients. Otherwise, you can waste time and money on elements that aren’t crucial. Here’s how to create a marketing plan personalized to you that you can carry across all your platforms.

What Is a Marketing Plan & Its Purpose?

A marketing plan is a document that establishes your advertising strategy. It spells out who your target audience is, and how you intend to reach them through various campaigns and ads. It provides guidelines and reasoning for the choices you intend to make as a brand. You may argue, as a realtor, you’re not a “brand”, just a person doing their best, but this is why you need a marketing plan. Your skills, inclinations, connections, style, and approach create a brand. It’s necessary to consider and hone this brand to market yourself in the right way to the right audience, without getting distracted by less effective strategies. 

Create a Value Proposition or Business Mission 

Why should clients choose you versus your competition? The value proposition or business mission should explain this adequately. It should highlight your strengths and also recognize where you will not and cannot expend resources. To develop this, think about the buying and selling experience you want to provide. What do you want it to be like to work with you?

Identify Your Farm & Target Clientele

As you think about your resources, goals, and abilities, you should begin to have an idea of the target audience and communities you want to work with. Are you hoping to work with only buyers? Do you want to be the top agent for a specific neighborhood? Narrow down your list to make sure your marketing is effective both in cost and result. This will also help you craft the design of your campaigns. Marketing to young, urban, millennials looks different from marketing to people seeking second or third properties as an investment. 

Set Goals and Measurable Metrics

Establish concrete goals that are: easily articulated, measurable in their success, realistic, and have a deadline. Anything that falls outside this can be set aside permanently or for a later time. When you look at the goals in your marketing plan, start to break down how you will measure their success. Is it by number of leads, clients retained, clicks on ads? Find things that are easily seen, and don’t only use money immediately earned as a metric. Part of marketing is planting seeds that require time to grow.


You have a plan, now what? You need platforms and campaigns to carry them out, like the ones discussed in the previous blog. If you want a medium that will get out your message and capture potential clients, contact us at  for a custom site. We can help you begin the first steps in an easy, effective marketing push for your brand.


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