Fast & Easy Ways to Update Your Bathroom for Buyers

Written by abigail

Mar 22, 2021

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We’d all like to freshen up our bathroom, but most of us lack the expertise, funds, and time for a complete redo. Time may also be an issue if you want to sell in a hot market. In that case, a long remodel may not be the best choice in making your space stand out to buyers. Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or trying to nest on a budget, it can be daunting to take on a room that is usually left to professionals. Even if you struggle to recreate every minor DIY home project, there are a few simple, low-cost fixes anyone can do to make a bathroom feel fresh.

A New Mirror

You’ve been using the same mirror for so long, you’ve forgotten what decade it came from. A quick switch can transform the style of your bathroom. Your choice doesn’t have to come from a hardware store! Many of those choices are overpriced and generic. Visit your local home store to find a mirror that suits current styles and size needs. However, avoid a mirror with narrow crannies. The last thing you want is something overly difficult to clean when buyers are visiting.

The Right Bulb

A good mirror can’t fix bad lighting. Remember that the bathroom is both a task area and relaxing space when choosing your lighting. Many homeowners tend to pick a bulb that is too bright, resulting in the feeling that you’re in a dentist’s office, not a home. The space is for careful grooming, so you don’t want only mood lighting in your bathroom, either. A happy range lies between 5,000 and 2,700 Kelvins. The higher range results in a brighter white, which is good for a crisp clean feel. This kind of bulb is often suited for a space with some natural lighting to soften the bulb’s effect. The lower range emits a warmer glow more flattering for skin tones and serves as a good confidence booster. This lower range is an excellent choice for small powder rooms and the bathroom guests would use. Also, consider your bathroom’s square footage in choosing your lighting. For a task-oriented space, you want 75 lumens per square foot.

Replace Vanity Hardware

Your vanity likely came with handles that reflect the time it was purchased. Since it is not a piece of furniture easily swapped, the style may be a bit clunky or dated. Replacing vanity hardware is as simple as some time shopping and a good screwdriver. Handles also represent a high touch area. When you frequently touch an item in your home, it’s crucial to make it something you enjoy. Before shopping, remove one of the handles as a model for the proper width and screw spacing, especially, if you don’t feel like doing wood patching and painting. Choosing fresh handles is a great way to give an older vanity a fresh face for buyers.

Removable Hooks

Don’t lose the storage space on your door! Create a place to hang a robe or another towel in a full household. A little creative organization helps you breathe easier is a small space. Command Strips or their equivalents now offer more decorative styles of hooks without the fuss and damage of making a hole in your wall or door. When placing removable hooks in a high moisture space, make sure to get the strips suited for bathrooms. A quick fix to personalize generic hooks is a few coats of quick-dry spray paint to match the style of the bathroom.

Apart from the shopping time, these updates can be finished in a few hours, creating an updated space with little cost and low effort.

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