5 Effective Ways to Generate Leads

Written by abigail

Apr 12, 2021

A critical challenge that tons of real estate professionals are dealing with today is generating leads. Here are 5 effective ways to help you produce the leads you’re looking for.

1. Advertise In All Formats

From digital presence to direct mail, a competitive realtor gets her brand in front of buyers through more than word of mouth. If you’re new to the business or returning after a hiatus, word of mouth referrals cannot be your sole source of leads. While advertising your personal brand may seem daunting or expensive, when you work with the right people, advertising can be both stylish and affordable. If you fail to advertise, you’ll lose to competitors who do. Studies show 44% of buyers look for houses online before reaching out to a realtor. Utilize paid online ads, mail campaigns, billboards, and a personal website with data intake to get the leads you need. The key is finding the client early as possible in the buying process.

2. Develop A Personalized, Professional Online Presence

Maybe your team or parent company has given you a spot on their own website. While this is helpful, you still need to create your own significant web presence. This gives you a forum to craft your personal brand, show your specialties, and fine-tune your message. Also, it gives a place for satisfied clients to give you rave reviews. In the digital era, online reviews are a huge factor in decision making for buyers. Having a site just for you also means your presence in the market is consistent despite changes in your team or parent company.

3. Make Connections With Related Businesses

Home buying and selling is a process that requires multiple parties apart from the realtor. A potential client may have some professionals they trust who aren’t agents. If you can get a good word from those professionals, you’re highly likely to net a new client. When dealing with potential partners in the business, be professional, pleasant, and efficient. It also helps to be consistently present and return the favor of referrals.  

Send gifts and letters to those who have assisted you. Reach out to companies you’d like to work with, including reasons why they should choose you over others; make partnering with you in their best interest through your performance and attentiveness. Additionally, have network connections you can market to your clients from discounted cleaning and landscape services to home insurance providers. 

 4. Sponsor Community Events in Your Territory 

Don’t be a stranger to the neighborhoods you want to work within. Make your face known through advertising offered in local community events such as sports leagues, school fundraisers. Some realtors even sponsor yearly holiday events for families in their territory neighborhoods. While this may seem less cutting-edge, it cements you in the minds of the communities you serve. If given the choice between a stranger and the realtor who sponsored the Easter Egg Hunt their kids loved, clients will choose the familiar and friendly. It also helps to be a neighborhood regular. When you have lunch or coffee shop meetings, choose the same place. Get to know the staff and other regulars. Your service will be better, and they’ll think of you when anyone asks about local realtors. 

5. Reach Out to FSBO and Expired Listings

A small fraction (3%) of “For Sale by Owner” listings sell within the time the owner wants, and only 18% get the price they really want. That’s a big swath of people who are struggling to get the results they want. Most of these owners are selling the property themselves in hopes of cutting costs and hassle. Have a site, tips, and stats ready to show them working with you would give them the results they want with greater ease. 

Pull lists of expired listings from MLB. Come in knowing these sellers are likely frustrated with their current agent, upset their home isn’t getting the offers they wanted, and generally stressed by the whole process. Like the above audience, you need to be prepared to share what you can do for them. Listen to their frustrations, then let them know how working with you will address those frustrations and be better than their prior experience. Think about what you can provide to remove stress from their lives, and sell their home quickly and express that to them clearly.


You can’t just be good at what you do, you have to let others know you are. Be present in your community, and be present online. If the idea of creating a personal website that captures data is overwhelming to you, you’re not alone, and rosegate has a solution. We can help you generate even more leads through your online presence, while giving you a customized, affordable, and beautiful website. Reach out to us at  to begin the process today.

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