More People are Moving!

Written by Cameron Odom

Jan 15, 2021
Kid Inside The Box

In a recent study, Atlas Van Lines concluded that millions of Americans moved in 2020. More specifically, 23 states remained balanced while 12 recorded as outbound and 15 as inbound. So what exactly does this mean? Essentially, when people move out of a state, they are considered “outbound,” and people who move into a state are considered “inbound.” Of the 15 inbound states, 80% of people either moved down South or to the West.

They Need More Space

Living in a one-bedroom apartment with your significant other and your pups was considered “normal” before the pandemic. But since the implementation of stay-at-home orders, self-quarantines, and work-from-home policies, American’s once-beloved homes quickly turned into their workplace, restaurant, and school all-in-one. What was once a breakfast nook is now your virtual classroom, your vanity turned into a Zoom meeting headquarters and your backyard was essentially your only escape from day-to-day responsibilities. According to the Pew Research Center, one reason why people moved in 2020 is that they “needed more space to work from home.”

Decrease in Income

One of the greatest reasons people migrated in 2020 was because they couldn’t afford it. According to Pew Research, 18% of Americans said the most important reason for their move was “either job loss (8%) or another money-related reason (10%).” In cities like New York City or San Francisco, the cost of living is much higher than somewhere in the South. Therefore, the layoffs that occurred due to the pandemic unintentionally contributed to the migrations out of the cities and states across the United States.

Moving in With Family

For the first time since the Great Depression, young adults 18-29 years old were forced to move in with family members. According to the Pew Research Center, “52% of young adults resided with one or both of their parents.” Among those young adults, 23% said the reasoning behind moving in with their parents was because their college campus closed, but 18% of young adults moved home due to the financial burden caused by the pandemic (Pew Research Center). With that being said, some migration of 2020 will be temporary. Once colleges begin to reopen and employers rehire – there is a possibility that young adults will migrate back to where they lived pre-pandemic.

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