What to Look For In a Home If You Have Pups

Written by Cameron Odom

Feb 24, 2021

Unlike most rental homes or apartments, owning a home gives you freedom when it comes to your furry friends. You’ll no longer have to worry about whether your fur-babies are allowed in the rental, breed restrictions, and the number of pets limits! So when you’re searching for your fur-ever home, you should keep an eye out for these “must-haves.”

Hardwood/Laminate Floors

Have you ever tried potty training your pup in an apartment with carpet? I have, and it wasn’t fun! The problem with carpet flooring when you have pets is how easily it stains. Anytime it rains, you must have a towel ready to dry off your pet as soon as they get inside, or else you’ll be stuck with muddy footprints on the floor! Save yourself the hassle and scout out a home that has hardwood or laminate floors. They’re much easier to clean and maintain than carpet – which is perfect for your precious pups!

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Fenced-In Backyard

When it comes to your pups, a fenced-in backyard is a necessity! A fenced-in backyard gives them the freedom to roam, but in the safety of their yard. Consequently, it makes your life much more relaxed. You’ll no longer have to scramble to find warm clothes to take your dog outside when it’s 30 degrees. Instead, you can leisurely walk to the backdoor and make a cup of coffee while your pup does their business! It’s the best of both worlds for you and your pet.


One of the most important aspects of a home that you must consider if you have pets is stairs. The stairs could be inside, to the front door, or the backdoor. If you have an older pup, stairs might be hard for them to use daily. So you must consider other options such as ramps or decks to help them adjust. If that’s something you’re not willing to do, then you may want to consider looking at other homes without stairs.

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You should consider some of the ideas above as a “must-have” if you and your pet are looking for a home. This will make your life much easier in the long run and save you from renovations in the future.

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