The Ultimate Guide to Changing Your Address

Have you recently moved and have no idea where to start when it comes to changing your address? Read our recent blog to find out!
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Cameron Odom
August 27, 2021
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You’ve probably completed all the paperwork. Your luggage has been moved, and you can’t wait to enjoy the coziness of being in your new home. Well, one final thought — you still have to ensure your packages, documents, letters, and bills will be moving as well to your new location. Changing your address is not a complicated process. At least one in seven people in the United States changes their address each year. Still wondering why you must change your address, you should be aware that mail addressed to the wrong location is one of the biggest contributors to America’s fastest-growing crime — theft. 

Since you’ve been bored by a litany of paperwork on the home buying process, we’ll take you through some simple ways to change your address. Fortunately, this is the 21st century, and some of these processes can be done within the confines of your comfort zone.

Change Your Mailing Address

Updating your mailing address is the first step to take in changing your address. The change of address request can be submitted in person at your local post office. Request for form 3575 and properly fill in your updated information. Ensure your signature is appended correctly, as the request will not go through if a signature mismatch is sighted. The process can also be done online by visiting the postal service change of website address If you are opting for the online option, a verification cost of $1 is attached, which you’ll have to pay to conclude the process. Again, you can update your mailing address on the phone by calling 1-800-275-8777. You’ll also be required to pay a verification fee of $1 if it is done on your phone.

It is essential to know that the USPS may not detect any case of impersonation in the process. However, a Move Validation Letter will be sent to your current address to notify you of the changes to curb any fraudulent activity. 

Update Your Billing Address

Changing your billing address is just as important as any process you’ve embarked upon in the process of changing your address. You may write the new address on the back of your payment coupon if you mail your monthly credit card payments. The coupon also has a space at the front to indicate a change of address or phone number. You can also place a call to a customer service number at the back of your credit card to initiate changes. Changes can also be made online should you prefer the option.

Also, you can update your address on any website you purchase from frequently to prevent them from delivering your next order to your previous address. Since most online purchase companies save your information once and initiate future transactions with such information, you should consider updating your billing address.

Inform Your Bank

You have two alternatives when you move to a new location. You can communicate your new address to your bank to maintain the branch, or you can shift your account to a new branch. If you wish to retain your old bank, you will be given a form to update your address. If you want to move to a new branch, you will be given a form for account transfer.

Update Your ID

To avoid being fined for ignorance, you may have to get a state identification card with your new address within thirty days of your arrival at your new location. 

Informing your family, friends, and relatives about your change of address should be a priority. Mail with your new address or a general message could be used in carrying them along on your decision.

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