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My Rent Worth

How Much Home Is My Rent Worth?

If you are spending money on monthly rent, chances are you can afford a mortgage payment. And instead of helping the landlord, that payment can now help you grow the equity in a home of your own and take advantage of potential tax savings (always check with a tax pro). Use the calculator below to see how much home your rent payment might buy.

How to refinance your home online

Calculate How Much You Could Earn With Your Refinance Savings

Do you have a little extra cash each month from refinancing your home? Have you considered what to do with the money? Please don’t be fooled into thinking the amount is too small to make a difference. With time and compound interest on your side, your little bit of savings now could become a much greater amount later.

My Home's Future Value

Estimate My Home's Future Value

Home values don’t typically go straight up. Like other commodities, values can rise and fall. Yet over time, real estate has traditionally risen an average of approximately 5% per year. As a result, your home’s future value may grow more than you think possible, and the equity accumulated can end up representing the majority of your total future net worth. Use the calculator to estimate what your home may be worth someday.
House Payment

House Payment: What Will My Monthly Payment Be?

A lot of people shop for homes based on price. When you finance your purchase with a mortgage loan, it pays to consider total monthly housing payment, too. If a relatively inexpensive home has high taxes, insurance costs or fees, it might require a higher monthly payment than a home with a higher initial price and lower monthly costs. Use this calculator to estimate the total monthly housing payment for any home you’re considering and determine if it’s truly affordable for you.
Compare Payments

Compare Payments with Different Rates or Loan Amounts

When you're shopping for a home loan, oftentimes you will consider different purchase prices and debate the duration of the loan. Use this calculator to see a side-by-side comparison of monthly house payments based on different home prices and rates to determine what you can afford.

Total Monthly Payment

Calculate My Total Monthly Payment, Income to Qualify, & Cash to Close

We all know the struggle—you're looking at a house, but then find out you can’t really afford it. Here's a total payment and qualification calculator to see a home’s monthly payment, the amount of cash you'll likely need to close, and income needed to qualify for the mortgage.

Rate & Term Refinance

Refinance: How Much Could You Save With a Lower Rate?

Lowering the interest rate on your mortgage loan, even by a small percentage, can often equate to big savings on your monthly payment and over the life of your loan. And the benefits don’t stop there. With a lower rate, you may also choose to shorten your loan term, reduce your loan balance more quickly, or access cash with no increase to your payment. Use the calculator to see how much you may be able to save.

Home Sale Proceeds

Home Sale Proceeds: What could you gain from selling your home?

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you’re probably wondering how much you stand to receive as you plan your next steps. Plug in numbers to estimate the revenue from your sale, accounting for your loan balances and expenses. Remember that your home loan payoff amount will be higher than your loan balance. To get the most accurate result, it helps to add a month of interest expense. When you finish, you’ll have a net amount to use when planning for a down payment and closing costs on your next home.

How to refinance your home online

How Much House Can I Afford?

Determining how much you can realistically afford to borrow before you start looking at homes to purchase will help you avoid falling in love with a home that falls just out of reach financially. Use the calculator below to get a good idea of a price range that works. At the same time, make sure the total monthly payment looks comfortable for you too. Tax and insurance costs will vary from place to place, so be sure to adjust those appropriately.
Mortgage Free

Mortgage Free: What Would It Take To Pay Off My Mortgage Early?

Owning your home “free and clear” may be easier to achieve than you believe. Use this calculator to see how much extra you would need to add to your regular payment so you can pay off your mortgage loan early. As you’ll see, a relatively small extra investment can make a big difference over time.
Just remember that the monetary value of an early pay-off equates to what you save in interest. Since mortgage interest can often be tax deductible, there may be better ways to use your cash to build wealth. Always check with your financial advisor before making these types of decisions.

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