February MVP: Ken Schmidt

February is the shortest month of the year, but one special Rosegate teammate made the most of it! In this short (but fun) interview, we’ll be talking to Ken Schmidt.
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Cameron Odom
May 24, 2022
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February is the shortest month of the year, but one special Rosegate teammate made the most of it! In this short (but fun) interview, we’ll be talking to Ken Schmidt, who just celebrated ONE YEAR as a Loan Pro at Rosegate. Ken was nominated by his fellow teammates because “He always makes himself available for anyone in the office for training opportunities and questions. He’s a great teammate!”

What does your job entail?

I am a Loan Pro, which means that it’s my job to help people get into their homes by attaining the financing that they need to buy the home!

What is the best career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Definitely the best lesson by far is learning this: relationships are what matter. If we start looking at our job as a transaction, we’re going to stop treating people well. The very fact that relationships are key, especially in the business world, is the best lesson I’ve learned and had reinforced.

What’s your favorite part about working at Rosegate?

I do love interacting with clients. I love getting people into homes, but I have a great passion for getting first-time homebuyers into their homes. It’s exciting to be a part of that!

What does your typical weekend look like?

Weekend? Sure! It’s a lot of driving to and from different types of dance practices or theater practices because we have four children. A lot of it’s in the vehicle and sitting in parking lots! I do like to work out, read, and hang out with my family and friends.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Jimmy Fallon. He makes me laugh. I think he’s very interesting. He has a lot of different interests and he’s been able to meet and interact with all kinds of people.

Ten years ago, who did you think you would be now?

Not where I’m at right now. I was in ministry, so 10 years ago I only saw myself in some type of ministry setting. This is a wonderful surprise!

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

My dream career would be to own a little craft brewery and restaurant! That would be a lot of fun.

What advice do you have for prospective Rosegate candidates?

First, you’re going to have to grind. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it. The other thing is to remember how important relationships are. Relationships are the thing that is going to make you successful in this business. If you like people, that’s a good step.

If you’re interested in joining the Rosegate team, make sure to check out our open positions. We’re always looking for talented people to join us!

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