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January 21, 2022

How to Start Building Credit After College

Accessing your financial situation after college can be stressful.. Here are some tips to help you build credit after college.

3 min read
January 14, 2022

5 Things You Wish Someone Told You Before Buying a Home

After several conversations with different homeowners, we found five things they wished someone had told them before buying a home.

3 min read
December 10, 2021

5 Things You Need to Know Before Making An Offer On a House

It's important you confirm some things before purchasing a home. Here are 5 things you need to know before making an offer.

3 min read
December 6, 2021

Getting Preapproved vs. Getting Prequalified

Preapproval and prequalification are two important words for new homeowners looking to get homes on the mortgage. Here is the difference between the two!

3 min read