3 Ways to Start Preparing Your Home to Sell this Spring

Written by abigail

Jan 16, 2021
Box Up Your Pictures

Do you think you’ll sell your house this spring? Here are a few things you can do to help it sell faster so you can get into your dream home more quickly. 

Home-Selling Tip #1: Box Up Your Pictures

Pictures are fantastic… but not when it comes to selling your home. If people viewing your home see a lot of pictures of your friends and family – people they don’t know – it can hurt your chances of selling it. 

When someone is looking at buying a home, they start to envision their stuff in it. 

  • Where will their kids play?
  • Where will they sit and read on a Sunday afternoon? 
  • Where should they put their furniture?


Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

It’s not easy for them to picture those kinds of things if you have your favorite pictures and paintings all over the place.

Obviously, you don’t have to get rid of them, just go ahead and start boxing them up. That gives you one less thing to do in a few months when you start having to do other things associated with selling a house. 

Home-Selling Tip #2: Fix What’s Broken

Let’s face it – as homeowners, we tend to just accept certain things. 

Maybe that light in your master bedroom closet is finicky and only decides to turn on about 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time it just stays off, no matter how many times you flip the switch. 

Perhaps it’s been a long time since you re-caulked the bathroom… and it’s pretty obvious. There’s a big gap between the counter and the wall. 

It could be there are a few holes in the siding or drywall that you’ve just left because they don’t bother you and seem small enough that they won’t cause issues with things like squirrels climbing in. 

…while that kind of stuff is okay for you, it doesn’t mean it’s okay for people buying your home. They want to move into a home without a lot of issues. While the inspector will find something, do what you can to lower the number of things they find. 

The last thing you want is for someone to get excited about the house but decide against it after the inspection. 

Home-Selling Tip #3: Get Rid of Household Odors

This can be a tough one because sometimes we don’t realize something smells. For example, have you ever not owned a dog or cat and then walked into the house of someone who does? You may have smelled it as soon as you walked in the door. 

Or maybe you smoke and have spent a little too much time doing it inside the house, causing the walls and ceilings to smell like smoke. 

In that case, it’s time to do what you can to get rid of these smells. 

  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Get the carpet steam cleaned… or replaced
  • Throw out old rugs, or at least put them where they can’t do much damage, like the garage

While some prospective buyers may overlook (or oversmell) a scent in your home, it’s better to just fix it upfront. 

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