3 Tried-and-True Methods to Picking Your Realtor

Written by Cameron Odom

Mar 12, 2021
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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve purchased plenty of homes in the past, they both have one thing in common – a realtor. Realtors are essential in every home-buying experience. They’re the ones who guide you through this exciting yet stressful process of finding your perfect home. If you’re looking for a home and need a realtor but have no idea where to start, this blog is for you.

1. Google

An easy way to find a realtor is through Google. A quick search of “realtors near me” will give you a plethora of realtors in your area. One way to help you decide who to pick is through reading reviews. Who else would know more than someone who has already worked for them? Finding a realtor through Google will send you to their website. Once on their website, you can browse available homes and learn a little more about them!

2. Social Media

If you’re someone who’s more technologically savvy, the best way to get to know a realtor is through their social media. Not only do you get to know them professionally, but you’ll get a view into their everyday lives. Many realtors update their social media accounts daily to show available homes, tips to help you through your home buying journey, and snippets of their day! The chances of you finding a great realtor in your area through the power of social media are very high.

3. Word of Mouth

We saved the best for last! The best way to find the perfect realtor to help you search for your forever home is through word of mouth. However, pick and choose whose advice you take. You want recommendations from the people you trust. For example, this could be your family, friends, co-workers, or your mortgage company. Your mortgage broker will have worked with many different realtors and knows who would be your best fit. If someone you spend a lot of time with had a great experience with a realtor, chances are you will too!

So if you’re someone looking for a realtor, make sure you refer to your network, browse social media, and check out Google reviews. The perfect realtor is out there and ready to help you find the home of your dreams!

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